Melitta CI Touch Review

By Adam Tuesday 6th Nov, 2018

At Dapper Chapper HQ, coffee is king and in advance of the weather making that coffee run a little less desirable, we’ve been testing out some more machines – a must have for all ‘at home’ baristas.

Previously this year we raved about the Melitta TS Smart  a machine that has now become an integral part of our team! Delighted with its contributions, we thought it was time to give its little brother, the CI Touch, some quality airtime

Melitta is one of the leaders in the coffee industry and this machine is no exception. You can make four types of coffee including a classic café crème, cappuccino, latte macchiato and espresso.

In addition, six coffee specialties can be selected via the recipe book function, meaning those ‘coffee connoisseurs’ desires are also catered for.

Like the TS Smart, the CI Touch uses the ‘Bean Select’ dual-chamber bean storage compartment which offers space for two different types of beans.

Its high-quality, modern touch user interface is augmented with a high-resolution colour TFT display that guides coffee lovers with clear instructions for their respective application. 

The new CI Touch® also allows coffee lovers to give their creativity free reign and save personal favourites for up to four people via the My Coffee memory function whilst the Double Cup mode allows two cups to be filled simultaneously. 

An aspect of the TS Smart that we really liked was the easiness of cleaning the machine, and the CI Touch is no different. It has a self-cleaning system and employs PRO AQUA filter technology to filter the water and reduce limescale build up. The other compartments are easy to empty and clean. 

An added bonus is that it’s also a good looking piece of kit. If your kitchen or office is modern with clean lines, it’ll fit in perfectly. It’s available it both Silver and black.

CI Touch® by Melitta® is available in both Silver and Black (RRP: £999.99). Available via Lakeland, Amazon and AO. Look out for some great Black Friday deals. Visit Melitta