Bugaboo Boxer Cabin Case Pure

By Adam Tuesday 6th Mar, 2018

You see all kinds of strange things whilst travelling…the aeronautical obsessors or trainspotters, the chappers who are forever running late for connections,  those who thrive on getting absolutely thumped in the bar before travelling, and the deliberators who stand in front of the Waterstones fiction section for an hour trying to select a book (which they won’t read), and those funny fellows who lug their ancient, ugly suitcases around with a token broken wheel.

Trust me when I say the former three are universally accepted within the travel world but the latter looks silly 100% of the time.

It’s time to get a luggage upgrade my friend.

Since you’re reading this, I imagine you’re seeking style and functionality in your suitcase and the Bugaboo Boxer offers both in abundance. The latest release in their portfolio is the Bugaboo Boxer Cabin Case Pure – ‘Pure’ being the material it’s made from, which essentially is hard as nails, and will protect the contents of your suitcase from any bumps along the way.

Chappers it gets better…

Ever heard of interlocking cases?

Well now you have…This high-tech travel buddy has an interlocking function so you can literally stack your cases on top of each other, and on one set of wheels. Trust me when I say this makes journeys a hell of a lot easier. It’s your time to swan through airports and stations with swagger and style instead looking like a pack horse and likely doing some damage to your spine in the process.

Also, is it just me who hates having to carry a bloody overcoat over my arm whilst I peruse duty free? Well, the Bugaboo Boxer Cabin Case Pure even has an elastic strap to hold your coat and a click-on organiser for all your travel essentials I.e. passports and computers!

This travel gem is exclusively available at Harrods and rightly so, as it would definitely look right in the hands of those who travel effortlessly; who are never late; who have pre-prepared reading materials, and who know that the Champagne and Oyster bar is the right, and only place to wait for your call.

It’s a luxury item for a luxury traveller and it makes the whole process a breeze. A luggage game-changer!