Gifts by Mint: your Valentine’s Day wrapped up

By Adam Wednesday 9th Feb, 2022

Gifting a loved one – especially on Valentine’s Day – can often cause many of us to curse Mr Cupid. Thankfully, Gifts by Mint take that stress away and have done so this year by helping you think ‘inside’ the box.

Filled with practical and luxurious pieces for all moods and moments, these three gift boxes are bound to impress your partner this month; ‘Sexy Mama’, ‘Darling I’ and ‘Did I Forget Anything?’ are each carefully curated to deliver clever keepsakes, indulgent treats and of course a tipple to share on the most romantic day of the year.

Each box is carefully crammed with either body lotions and potions, premium bottles of drink, seductive scents and more.

So how does it work?

Firstly – choose your box. Each collection offers a slightly different theme which we like, but at the core of each box the idea is that your loved one will be pampered with premium products. Gifts by Mint has always offered alternative tipples to the gift box contents, so if customers would like to change the champagne to wine or the wine to gin, it happens with a click of a button at no additional charge.

Next – choose your date. Yes, we know it’s for Valentine’s, but it’s worth knowing Gifts by Mint isn’t restricted to the day of lurve: there is a fantastic selection of gifts for a host of occasions. And before you know it, your purchase is on its way. Et voila!

Valentine’s Day gift boxes start from £125. Free next day delivery or choose your date