Mankind Advent Calendar

By Matt Denney Thursday 30th Nov, 2017
I’m still a big fan of the daily festive ritual that is the opening of an advent calendar in the lead up to Christmas Day. But it’s also fair to say I’ve also been on the look out for an alternative to the typical chocolate indulgence of previous years.

Enter Mankind and their premium advent calendar, stocked full of luxury men’s grooming products spanning haircare, skincare and bodycare. I’ve never come across an item like it, but even on first viewing I can tell it would make a delightful addition to any man’s Christmas collection.  

The good folk at Mankind are keen to ensure much of the calendar’s contents remains a surprise until you get round to those window openings in December, and I too will be keeping most of them secret. 

Brands featured within include Aregentum, Antipodes, Hanz De Fuko, Jack Black and Marvis. One or two of which I can reveal in a little more detail. 

First are the Hanz de Fuko hairstyling products. I’ve been fortunate enough to have sampled these before and would now class them as an essential in your grooming collection. 

From Jack Black, there’s luxury in everything from skincare and bodycare to haircare and shaving, whilst Marvis and their unique brand of flavoured toothpastes also feature in this 25 item festive treat. 


At Dapper Chapper, we love the idea of a unveiling a daily grooming product and this Mankind Advent Calendar will ensure you’re in top condition throughout the hectic Christmas period.  £250.