Nakata hangers at Arterton

By Adam Saturday 13th Aug, 2022

Our friends over at Arterton (the guys who make those handsome garment bags) recently told us about their latest addition to their collection of desirable items: Nakata Hangers.

Nakata is arguably the world’s finest hanger maker, being in existence since 1942. Their craftsmanship and Japanese woodworking technique (nankin-kanna) deliver a smoother finish, unobtainable via other methods, while offering a robust yet elegant style. Furthermore, you can still observe the natural pattern of the wood after a beautiful bout of staining.

So it’s no wonder Arterton founder, William Wong, is so proud to have them as part of their collection. We sat down with William to find out more…

How did you first come across/begin working with Nakata?

I’ve always known of the brand, since it’s a high-end make and has been well-established in Asia, especially in Japan. The turning point was when I realised that they could have potential in the UK. Arterton is their exclusive distributors in the UK and have local engraving facilities to support both consumers and the bespoke B2B trade.

What makes them such a luxurious brand? 

No expenses sparred in all aspects of production, from material selection, design, shape cutting, and finishing. For example, the trouser bar is lined with felt rather than silicone. The hooks are of steel and are fully rotatable (it doesn’t come off no matter how much you turn it) The trouser bar is fixed in place and doesn’t move freely, and it’s not merely a crossbar (like with same hangers).

In terms of craftmanship, there is a lot to say. But I’ll keep it to the basics: the selection of wood, the smooth finish, the grain, and the colour are superior to any Chinese or Italian-made hanger. The Japanese take their stuff seriously. In terms of engraving, in Japan and in the UK, we can achieve close to 1000DPI on our engravings, which means intricate logos and photorealistic pictures can be captured on the hangers.

 How do you feel the hangers benefit a Dapper Chapper’s clothing? 

There are really two major aspects: (i) the shape and features of the hanger and (ii) craftsmanship. The hangers are shaped in a way to preserve an expensive garment, coat, or suit. There is ample support in the shoulders. For example, in the AUT-05 the thickness of the hanger is 57mm. Whilst the neck area is robust, giving support to the collar of a jacket. 

How many types/styles of hanger are there?

Quite a few, and, indeed, we customize along the dimensions of colours, hardware, and size. However, our most popular model is the AUT-05, since it’s an all-rounder, followed by the AUT-03 which is bulkier. Interestingly, our trouser hangers are also notable in two respects. The first is the ‘Z’ slide-in design of the AUT-11 – this allows for trousers to be easily placed on the bar. Secondly, the clamp style trouser hanger (AUT-07G) has all metallic parts in the clasping mechanism (no plastic) and using a hanger like this allows for trousers to fall straight in the closet, thus dissipating any wrinkles.

William sent us the AUT-05 Suit Hanger (which was beautifully engraved) and the AUT-11 Trouser hanger. And there’s no arguing with his statements when it comes to quality, build and overall look. The selection of hangers on the website will give you a great indication for exactly what you need and for what garment. The only problem? You’ll want them all.

Nakata Hangers start from £25. For more details visit: