The Simba Luxe Mattress Review

By Adam Wednesday 4th Apr, 2018

I think it’s universally accepted that a large proportion of humans love sleeping. You constantly hear people uttering that they need to ‘Catch up on sleep,’ or ‘How it took ages for them to nod off,’ – who knew it was such an interesting topic of conversation (It’s not by the way – Yawn!)

One of the biggest perks about the weekend, is the lie in, where one can laze in their pit until midday and feel no guilt. But what are the key ingredients to a solid 40 winks?

  • Avoid staring at a phone or laptop screen 30 minutes before bed
  • Leaving enough time between eating and going to sleep
  • A mug of hot milk 
  • A luxurious mattress to lie on

I’m afraid when it comes to the first three, you’re on your own but the mattress is a different matter.

If you’re a lover of luxury and crave a quality nights sleep then a good mattress is essential, and chappers I speak from experience when I say that the Simba Luxe is superb; in fact it’s so good it actually has a topper that could be a mattress in itself, so you’re effectively getting two for the price of one. It actually moulded to my body in a matter of seconds when I first tested it and so I knew when I lay down, it was love at first night. 

The Simba Luxe endorses some serious Princess and the Pea narrative; all you can feel is the soft, comfort of the mattress; no bumps, no lumps, no springs attached.

Chappers, I would never advise you spend your day in bed, as it’s such a waste of your time but if you get involved with the Simba Luxe mattress, it’ll definitely ensure you treasure your time spent in bed all the more!

The science behind the success is a combination of thousands of conical pocket springs combined with different types of memory foam. Thousands of individual coils move horizontally and vertically to cushion the body’s pressure points which creates a sense of weightlessness. It comes in 6 sizes from Single all the way to Emperor.

You get a 100 night trial after which you can return it if you’re not happy – but you will be. After two weeks I’m waking up more refreshed with an improved posture and I definitely recommend the purchase.

The SimbaLuxe is £1,299.00 at