Savoir collaborate with Dashing Tweeds

By Adam Tuesday 8th Sep, 2020

Savoir have collaborated with British tailor and weave designer Dashing Tweeds to demonstrate the fine art of tailored sleep. The new design, TWEED, combines British craft with an innovative approach to the traditional material to bring modern tailoring to a classic piece of furniture.

Dashing Tweeds pioneer British modern tweed, combining heritage textile skills with contemporary developments in fabric weaves. Their playful designs have resulted in a fresh approach to tweed, with their modernised definitive British fabrics used by London’s Savile Row tailors. Combined with Savoir’s century of crafting bespoke beds, TWEED is a celebration of innovation with time-honoured weaving and upholstery techniques at the centre of the new creation.

From inception, Savoir have been committed to tailored sleep, crafting custom comfort and designs to create the perfect night’s sleep. With Dashing Tweeds beautiful fabrics, Savoir has found a seamless partner to uniquely tailor both made-to-measure comfort and style to exacting measures.

TWEED features the Dashing Tweeds ‘Raver’ weave, the epitome of modern textiles.  The ‘Raver’ collection fuses traditional tweed sports wear with 21st century technology to create a new urban design for dashing around town, day or night. The fine merino wool incorporates a reflective yarn, with the microscopic beads in the yarn reflecting any beam of light from its surface.

Savoir only use the finest natural materials as they regulate body temperature all year round, helping to achieve a restful night’s sleep. With tweed being the original sportswear fabric and originally a wool weave, the ‘Raver’ design was a natural upholstery choice for a Savoir.  Wool is famed for its comfort, breathability and ease of tailoring and these qualities are now enhanced with an almost magical reflective quality, making it the perfect fabric for a comfortable but stylish sleep.