Smythson Diaries: Plan 2018 in Style

By Alex Noble Thursday 14th Dec, 2017

Without trying to sound too cliched, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, and we’ve already harped on about how some traditions should be upheld; such as the writing of a Christmas card. For that of course, you need a pen…but what’s the point in having a pen for that sole purpose?

Question: What do Xavi and Iniesta, Argentinian Malbec and Steak, and Pens and diaries all have in common?

They are all perfect pairings.

What I’m saying is that your pen needs a pad counterpart; something to write on, and let’s be serious, in this day and age when money doesn’t grow on trees, the more practical and useful the pad, the better. 

I give you, the Smythson Soho Diary collection.

In short, they’re the ideal luxury diaries for a busy, contemporary gentleman, who prefers the traditional approach of writing his appointments down instead of simply logging them in his phone with the help of an electronic (and frankly annoying) voice.

What’s more, pulling one of these out in a meeting looks far more sophisticated and professional than simply wapping out your iPhone and plonking it face down, wouldn’t you say old boy?

As an extra touch, to match the gold guided page edges, you can have you’re diary initialed. A nice touch indeed.

So, how about it? Do it the old fashioned way and Plan your 2018 takeover with the help of a Smythson Diary .

Soho Diaries are £155 at