VQ Monty DAB Radio and Bluetooth Speaker

By Adam Monday 13th Nov, 2017

It’s always a toss up, isn’t it? You painstakingly craft your home aesthetic with vintage prints, artisanal furniture and poured over colour charts to get just the right hue. But you want – perhaps even need – your tunes. Nothing less than top range sound will do. However the sleek, black-and-chrome cased speakers just look off in your bijou living room. You don’t want to compromise on either.

What’s a chap to do?

Thankfully there’s an answer in the form of Monty from renowned British audio brand VQ. Monty is a top of the range Bluetooth speaker and DAB Digital Radio in one, ensuring the crispest sound from it’s compact, shapely form.

There are five real wood finishes in the range, Oak, Walnut, Green Grass Oak, Black Zebra and the one featured in this post, Limed Oak.

The organic material creates an almost Scandinavian look. Not only does it look good, the premium wood finish even creates acoustic benefits to boost the in-built tech even further. Cork feet provide stability and prevent vibration even at the highest volume. It’s the little touches like this that make it a truly beautifully, functional piece of kit.

The ASP (analogue sound processing) technology and full range ultra-wide 10 watt single speaker means the Monty can easily fill any good sized room with sound, the ASP giving a richer, warmer acoustic experience that digital competitors. However, VQ understand that sound is subjective, and a full function equaliser is included with a range of presets, and the MyEQ function to tailor bass & treble to personal tastes.

Not only a radio and speaker, it has even wider ranging functions like alarm clock (which you can set for weekdays only, and weekends separately – a nice touch) and even a charging port for USB, just in case your battery runs down as you pump the tunes.

Portable thanks to the optional lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack (not included, but available to purchase) and wireless tech, this is the ideal at home speaker for the discerning gent who is looking for a stylish and sturdy speaker that fits their aesthetic.


Look out for the Black Friday deal, where the product will be reduced to £79.99 from £99.99. Use MONTY20B which is valid until the 23rd

Visit: myvq.co.uk