Ailsa Bay Whisky Review

By Alex Noble Friday 15th Jun, 2018

I always find when we approach the of June, I’m usually thinking about my summer holidays, Wimbledon and Evening drinks…and it’s only at the very last minute I remember that Father’s Day is just around the corner!

‘I vowed last year to nail this in advance.’

Well chappers, fear not for I have a solution.

This solution comes dram sized (potentially double), and can be enjoyed within the comfort of your own home. 

I’m talking about Ailsa Bay whisky.

This uniquely distilled and meticulously balanced, single-malt whisky, from Scotland’s iconic Ayrshire Coast, has a flavour so pure and smooth, it can genuinely wash away the week’s woes in a sip.

All those pairs of socks that your father so graciously accepted from you but never wore, will be forgotten (for the best) when you present him with a whisky of this calibre.

Tasting Notes:


Fresh wood smoke with notes of smouldering damp heather and an extinguished bonfire. Following the smoke is a wave of oaky sweetness and very intriguing hot buttered toast with a hint of caramelised apple. It’s a very interesting journey for your nose, which offers the perfect blend of smoke and sweetness.


There’s an initial punchy peat flavour that’s immediately balanced by a welcome burst of vanilla. It’s a meandering journey of flavour that touches on smoke, fruit and creamy toffee. With every sip, you delve deeper into the layers of the whisky and it’s incredible depth of flavour.


It’s a fantastic hybrid of smokey peat and sweetness – any father would be happy with this whisky chaps, I assure you.

Cheers to you and your father, Chappers!

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