Appleton Estate Rare Blend Review

By Adam Friday 27th Oct, 2017

Last year, Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum announced the UK launch of Appleton Estate Reserve Blend and after sampling it in the Caribbean, I was keen to get a review up for The Dapper Chapper Bar.

It’s part of the award-winning premium aged rums that Appleton Estate boast in their portfolio, along with the fact they are Jamaica’s oldest distillery at 265 years young.

The Appleton Estate Reserve Blend is distilled in traditional copper pot stills and is a premium blend consisting of twenty aged rums, two of which are very rare reserve stocks.

On the nose it’s nutty and spicy with vanilla and buttery notes come through. On the palate molasses dominate sharing rich, creamy, biscuity flavours and the finish is rich and oaky.

Although it can upgrade a rum based cocktail, this one is good for sipping, too. You’ll notice the difference in quality with either option.

Interestingly, the three blended rums in the portfolio, including this one, are all blended by Joy Spence who holds the title of the world’s first female Master Blender.

The bottle is good-looking, too, and well at home on The Dapper Chapper Bar. The honey-coloured liquid sits proudly in the traditional Appleton Estate bottle, kept safe by a luxurious gold rim.

Thumbs up from The Dapper Chapper.

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pics by Joe Burns