By Neil Brotherston Saturday 4th Oct, 2014

Dapper Chapper’s we’ve got a real treat for you this week on the bar, so get ready to set sail on a journey of discovery.

This week’s drink is ‘The Best in this World Rum’ or to go by it’s official name – Skipper Rum. This is a rum that hasn’t changed since the 1930’s, when it was the drink of choice for ship’s captains, so you can be assured this drink has stood the test of time. The old adage of why change something that’s not broken certainly comes into play here.

Skipper is a blend of 7 dark rums, all aged for at least 3 years at the famous Diamond Distillery on the banks of the Demerara River in Guyana. 2 of the 7 rums used in the blend are made using the Diamond Distillery’s world famous wooden stills.

skipper 2

It is this ageing process that takes place in Guyana that sets Skipper Rum apart from the other dark rum’s on the market. The tropical heat in Guyana means that the oxidizing process is accelerated, resulting in the damn stuff evaporating before you even get the chance to bottle it. But Skipper Rum don’t care, as they know the hot and humid Caribbean ageing process creates a subtle combination of flavours that can’t be achieved at lower temperatures. Flavours like lightly spiced treacle and fruit cake – not dissimilar to your traditional wedding cake all emerge powerfully on the palate.

Clearly they feel a small amount of top quality Rum is better than a large amount of mediocre rum…and for that we truly thank them. Here at Dapper Chapper we are not afraid to admit that we are rather partial to a simple old Rum and Coke every now and then. We’re not always about the Single Malt Whiskies and elaborate, high-end cocktails.

Well a rum and coke with a dash of fresh lime with Skipper Rum immediately becomes high end. The rich, intense and spicy flavours that the aging process has produced make a truly unrivalled rum and coke. It’s almost as if they were meant to be together – a match made in shipping heaven.

However, we know some of you Dapper Chappers like something a little more elaborate and well….Dapper – so why not try the Tip Top Tea.

Tip Top Tea

30ml Skipper Rum

15ml cinnamon syrup

30ml chilled earl grey tea

60ml pomegranate juice

The fresh pomegranate juice, cinnamon syrup and the molasses in the rum combine with chilled earl grey tea to create a tea like you’ve never tasted before.

skipper 3

And if you don’t believe us, then surely you’ll believe the 2012 Spirit Business Awards who gave Skipper Rum a Gold Medal.

Skipper Rum, 40% ABV, priced £20 from Sainsbury’s Nationwide