Ballantines Warming Spices Edition

By Alex Noble Thursday 13th Dec, 2018

Christmas is a wonderful time of year that, much like a great whisky, never fails to give me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

However, Christmas only captures our attention for around one month per year (thankfully) whereas a whisky can assist you at any time of the year, and provide you with inner warmth whenever you need it.

The Ballantines Warming Spices Edition works its way into both brackets, in the sense that it certainly embraces the Christmas spirit but will also giving you that warm, fuzzy feeling (and wonderful taste) throughout the calendar year.

This special edition whisky, which is matured for 21 years, and contains taste infusions of sweet cinnamon and spicy liquorice, as well as a scent of fresh ginger. I would call it Christmas in a bottle, however I could certainly enjoy this during any winter month…

So I guess you could call it ‘Winter Cosiness in a bottle.’ Put it this way, this would be a perfect accompaniment when sitting by the fire, after a wholesome feed with friends. Bliss.