The Balvenie DCS Compendium Chapter 3 Unveiled

By Adam Monday 23rd Oct, 2017

The Balvenie bring forth a new revealing in the DCS Compendium. Chapter 3 is titled the ‘Secrets of the Stock Model’, an eagerly anticipated revelation comprised of five rare single malt bottlings. One of the key single malt bottlings we can confirm is a 55 year old whisky matured in European oak oloroso sherry from 1961, the oldest whisky’s to ever be released by the Speyside distillery.

The Balvenie DCS Compendium Chapter 3 highlights how malt master, David C. Stewart MBE (now the longest serving malt master) uses his vast knowledge and experience to control the ever changing variable sets to impact maturation of ageing whisky. The Compendium represents a liquid handover of David’s skill and knowledge to future generations of craftsmen at the distillery.

And within David’s memoirs of whisky making, holds the insight into some of the best batches in the collection so far including The Balvenie 1961.

“The perfect depiction of the style of whisky Balvenie distilled around this time” is how David best describes the 1961 blend that’s added into the DCS Compendium Chapter 3, as the Olrso sherry butt signifies the plentiful years of production during the 1970’s whisky boom.

The taste of this magnificent, yet complex Balvenie 1961 is quite surprising, when you consider how long it had time to age and develop in its cask.

The Balvenie DCS Compendium Tasting notes

1961 – The Balvenie 1961

Nose: Sweet, honeyed, but intensely fragrant with rose petals, lavender, and a delicate spiciness

Taste: Beautifully deep with soft brown sugar, toffee and butterscotch with lingering spicy cinnamon notes

Finish: Floral, buttery, creamy vanilla and spice

There are more tasting notes of the other batches below, which one would be your favourites?

1973 –

Nose: Deep, oaky and rich with dried fruit, marmalade, and spicy ginger

Taste: Succulent spice followed by vanilla, dark chocolate, nuts and an earthy liquorice sweetness

Finish: Luscious balance of dried fruits and spice


Nose: Malty, vanilla toffee and heather honey with notes of lemon zest

Taste: Maple sweetness, glazed pineapple and citrus with vanilla and cinnamon

Finish: Malty and sweet with layers of spice


Nose: Fragrant, fruity and floral

Taste: Syrupy, toffee sweetness and honey balanced against soft oak vanilla

Finish: Delicate, sweet and fruity


Nose: Rich with some orange peel against balanced oak tannins

Taste: Silky mouth feel, dark fruits and sherry characteristics. Subtle and spicy

Finish: Luxurious and honeyed with delicate spices and oak

If you’re interested in knowing more about the fine crafted The Balvenie whiskies, head over to their website to discover all.