The best craft beers, Honest

By Phil Hawkins Monday 15th Aug, 2016

Every morning when the postman visits, there is always a part of you that hopes today might be the day that it’s something more exciting than another leaflet for the local kebab shop, but that day never comes, until now. HonestBrew, the online craft beer expert, has introduced a new way to revolutionise beer delivery to your doorstep: The HonestBrew Howler.

Inspired by the traditional ‘growler fill’ – a litre of fresh beer taken directly from the brewery – each Howler is a selection of three top of the range craft beers in cans, delivered in a portable scroll right to your door. As fans of craft beer, and more specifically canned craft beer, we were over the moon to get our Howler through the door.

Each Howler has a unique theme – from the ‘Hoppy Howler’ made up of IPAs to the ‘Mighty Mix Howler’ with a range of three completely different beers. There’s also brewery specific Howlers featuring Beavertown, Magic Rock and Moor breweries. 

We tested a mix of the beers on offer and were impressed at the quality of choices in the range. HonestBrew claim that beer in cans keep them fresh, protected from oxygen and light, and make them easily portable; we couldn’t agree more. A stubby is the ideal size to keep beer crisp and cold to the last drop, so as fans of good tasting beer the Howler was perfect.

As well as the Howlers, HonestBrew also has Taster Kits on offer which include six different, delicious craft beers. You then feedback which ones you liked, using the tasting guide included in the kit, and the HonestBrew experts will curate a bespoke collection of 12 beers for you each month in an Honesty Box.

Howler prices are from £7 and are available from where you can also check out the full HonestBrew range.