Long Arm Pub & Brewery

By Michelle Connolly Thursday 26th Oct, 2017

Long Arm Pub & Brewery
20-26 Worship Street

We’re all for as short a distance as possible from farm to plate, but how about your drinks? The Long Arm Pub & Brewery has managed to shorten that process right from tank to glass – no preservatives, no pasteurisation, no chemicals no kegs. Six different styles of beer on tap change every week – a lager, an American pale ale, a session pale ale, a milk stout, a rice beer and an East Coast IPA.

Everything is made on site, with the Master Brewer and other brewers looking after and developing new beers. They have full reign over the temperature and conditioning to create the most fresh beer possible. Because they can produce the beer cheaper with small batch brews, they reinvest in the process, with better ingredients and more exotic hops for every beer.

Each week, you’ll be treated to six brand new beers – and once it’s gone, it’s gone. The recipes change every time, with new hops used to ensure a unique experience. Because the blends change so often, and the editions are so limited, it means that they’re able to get their hands on some really rare and unusual hops that you probably won’t find anywhere else. If you’re interested in getting up close and personal with the process, tours are offered here and in the Ealing branch.

For the launch, a beautiful rice beer with Japanese inspired flavours was created – a Sorachi ace hop (originally used for Asahi beer) had been cultivate in the USA to give it a new flavour profile with rich bourbon and coconut notes. Citrus peel of orange and lemon work well with the green tea and lotus blend to form a light and moreish lager – but be quick if you want to try it!

The food we tried was deliciously dirty – amazingly tender sliders, seasoned sweet potato fries, addictive mac and cheese croquettes and the most amazing braised short rib croquettes. American comfort food at it’s best, there’s no way you’re leaving here hungry.

They do of course have your other more standard pub drinks – wines and spirits, and even distill their own gin on-site, so if you’re not partial to the pale ale then you’ll find something to whet your whistle.

It’s a lovely spot with fantastically knowledgeable staff that are genuinely passionate about what they do, ideal for a catch up with some friends for a relaxed evening. We’ll be back for sure – after all, with beers that change weekly it’d be a shame not to explore some of the new ranges, right?