Hudson Baby Bourbon Review

By Alex Noble Tuesday 26th Jun, 2018

If you’ve acquired a certain fondness for a specific brand of whisky, simply for the taste, convenience or price point, It’s not that I’ll judge you, I just feel you’ll have missed out on the real magic of whisky indulgence. 

Bourbon is a liquor that one revels in drinking, as we allocate vital time to sit back, relax in a Chesterfield and soak up the experience. Thus, I’d advise you invest in a brand that tugs at the old heart strings and has that killer USP, which attracts you to purchase.

Hudson Baby Bourbon is the first legal aged grain spirit to be produced in New York’s Hudson Valley since the Prohibition – (a quick thought for those Chappers across the pond who had to endure 13 unlucky years of banned alcohol) – that’s the kind of back story I’m talking about. This revolutionary bourbon is pot distilled from 100% New York based corn, before being double-distilled and aged in petite American Oak casks, which is where the fantastically rich and dense colour comes from. The key to their production is using small barrels to age their whisky as this really adds to the flavour density and richness of the bourbon…It also emulates pre prohibition techniques and here at DCHQ, we love a bit of old-school. 

As they so brilliantly put it…”The Industrial revolution dies at the beginning of our driveway,’ with the whole process of Hudson Bourbon production focused around hand craft.

Baby Bourbon is a fantastic whisky to get your teeth into, whether you’re a Bourbon veteran or rookie. In fact, I’m told it’s a real favourite amongst those who have never really liked whisky, as it’s just a very drinkable product. 

It gives you a full flavour experience, due to its very labour-led process, and with every sip you get lovely notes of Vanilla and caramel, and who doesn’t love that?!

So embrace your inner New-Yorker and get on the Baby Bourbon – a real upper-east side experience, fit for a Dapper Chapper.