By Joe Burns Thursday 21st Sep, 2017

Another recent addition to the DC Bar comes in the form of Tin Cup Whiskey – a blended American Whiskey bottled in Colorado. Developed by one of the chaps behind Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey (a very enjoyable and well reviewed tipple), this spirit has been created with a fair amount of experience and thought for flavour.

To create this whiskey, a blend of bourbons is mixed together to create what would already be a very enjoyable drink. The clever bit follows though. This mixture is then shipped to Colorado, where some fresh local water is added, along with a ‘secret’ amount of the Stranahan’s bourbon itself, before it’s bottled up and sent to our shores. This last addition of the Colorado whiskey is said to be like adding salt and pepper to your dinner – we’ll take their word for it!

The end result is a pleasant whiskey certainly valid in your collection. It has a light body with a caramel colouring, a gently sweet apple and spicy cinnamon taste to start, which develops into an enjoyable finish of toffee, rye and faint woody tones.

The bottle is solid looking and takes on a strong, robust stance, perhaps designed to reflect the build and no-nonsense mentality of the miners from yesteryear who once drank whiskey in the Colorado area. A fun and unique addition though is the inclusion of a little metal lid, which doubles as a serving cup – but we prefer a glass thank you.

I would say this whiskey is a good choice for a mid-week post-work tipple at home. It’s probably not one for saving for special occasions but enjoyable and very drinkable nonetheless. We may just re-visit this in the winter months to see how it compliments the food and aromas around us then.

Tin Cup Whiskey is available for around £30 for 70cl at Marksandspencer.com