By Joe Burns Friday 29th Sep, 2017

A fine American whiskey in the shape of Wild Turkey 101 Kentucky Straight Bourbon recently landed in our bar and it’s about time we put down our glasses and let you know how it tastes.

This rich rye whiskey is distilled using the freshest water source – a well right next to the distillery itself, in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. In fact, the distillery and it’s well was set up in that exact spot to take advantage of the passing limestone filtered fresh water, so it’s clear to see this spirit has been made with no shortcuts.

Wild Turkey use local, home-grown grains, corn and rye for a rich and sweet flavour. Once the spirit has been distilled, it’s stored in new white oak barrels, which expand and contract with the varying Kentucky summer and winter temperatures, maturing the whiskey at a quicker rate and overall improving its quality.

In the end, a well-balanced whiskey is born, with predominant flavours of vanilla and caramel coming through on top of dark fruit and rich spice. On the finish, there are notes of wood, maple and caramel, to give a real indulgent and bold punch to the senses.

We recommend keeping a spot in your bar open for something like Wild Turkey 101, ideal for a mid-week nightcap, and a fantastic accompaniment if you’re adding mixers too.

Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon is available around £31.95 at WhiskyExchange