Wine List Subscription Review

By Joe Burns Saturday 3rd Oct, 2020

A quick question to start this. Would you like to know more about wine and how to enjoy it even more?

I would bet the answer from the vast majority of us all is a resounding, yes!

It’s an interesting fact that as a society, we are all drinking slightly less these days; we’re taking more care of ourselves, and we’re generally living more healthy lifestyles. That shouldn’t mean we can’t enjoy good food and drink when we want to though.

If you’re anything like me, the wine list at a restaurant can sometimes be a little daunting, and stepping into a wine merchants can make you feel like a 16 year old trying to blag some lager in an off-licence (we never did this, honest). Opting for a popular choice like a Malbec is often a safe bet, but wouldn’t it be great to confidently choose a wine to compliment your meal, and to really smell, taste, and appreciate all its complexity?

The Wine List is a relatively new online shop and subscription service that provides a 12-month wine learning course that you complete at home. After signing up, you will receive 2 bottles of carefully selected and lesser known wines every month, together with the first issue of “Wine Roots” – a magazine style learning pack. Every month you will receive another 2 bottles, each with a value of between £15-£20  (none of which are available in supermarkets), along with the next issue of Wine Roots. By the end of the year, you should be able to pick out any wine, and have a strong idea of how it’ll taste based on topics such as grape variety, region, age, climate, and growing conditions. The course teaches you how to taste wine, so every sip you take will mean so much more to you.

The course is totally flexible so you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time, and it starts from just £39 a month. You can choose to receive 6 bottles of wine per month for £99 if your keen to get to the top of the class. If someone is struggling to think of what to get me for Christmas this year…

We received a sample of their wine choices – a bold and fruity red from Portugal, and a fresh and citrusy white from Austria. Douro and Riesling are two wines I would never have considered let alone known about before, so to have them sent straight to our door and be able to learn about their characteristics and what makes them taste great is simply fantastic. If only all lessons were this much fun!

Take a look at to learn more about the course and all that’s on offer.