Winepost Subscription Review

By Joe Burns Friday 23rd Oct, 2020

As we approach the end of, let’s say, an unforgettable year, we should really try to focus on some of the positives. Wait, hear me out… 

They say necessity is the mother of all invention and what better tasting example can we think of than Winepost? Created by Tristan Thomas during lockdown, he set out to develop a subscription service for those of us that know we like wine, but just don’t know what wine we like.

Winepost is a totally flexible monthly wine delivery service that takes the guesswork out of ordering, and helps us gradually form a better understanding of what is we really love about a wine.

To start with, you select between 3, 6 or 12 bottles to be sent, then choose how often you want them delivered. Want to take a break for a month or two? No problem, just freeze or stop your subscription at any time. With every bottle delivered comes a handy tasting guide, with a simple, graphical layout to help you get to know what is you’re drinking with so much more insight.

You have complete freedom to choose how many red, white or rose bottles you’d like, and every bottle is handpicked by the in-house Winepost expert, based on what you enjoyed the most previously. This means that every subscriber will develop a uniquely evolving wine preference – after all, we don’t all have exactly the same taste in wine, and we don’t need to compromise when there’s so much choice out there.

 The guys at Winepost were generous enough to deliver us a sample of their offering – 3 bottles arrived carefully boxed in sustainable, recyclable packaging (come on it’s 2020) along with the matching tasting guide cards. Our selection included a fun Barbera red from Italy (full-bodied, semi-dry, with plum, cherry and bramble flavours), a classic Rose from France (dry, medium-bodied with berry and floral notes), and a sophisticated Chardonnay from Italy (dry and fuller bodied with peach and pear flavours).

What a delight to be sent three excellent wines we’d never heard of before but thoroughly enjoyed – the convenience of a door-step delivery made it all the tastier. Sure, you could buy these individually and maybe save a few pennies, if they’re in stock, but the value here is in the surprise of receiving wine essentially from your own personal sommelier.

Winepost also offer a gifting service, so as we approach the holiday season, and with the prospect of being stuck indoors again just like Tristan, perhaps consider a flexible subscription for that hard-to-buy-for relative, or just treat yourself!

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