In the Paddock with Great British Racing: Race Horse Ownership for £100

By Alex Noble Friday 7th Sep, 2018

Last week, I was invited to York by Great British Racing, where I received an all round education and insight into the world of horse racing.

The crux of the trip was to prove that horse racing offers something for everyone, and as someone who didn’t really know their way around the racecourse, I was the perfect guinea pig. 

In the Paddock Experience

We began our day with a visit to renowned trainer, Ruth Carr’s yard, where we spent the morning meeting her team, reveling in the beauty of her horses and learning about Ruth’s unique training methods. The extremely accommodating Ruth (we were given some delicious home baking alongside a cuppa) has trained a remarkable 315 winners (and counting), and her particular hands on approach, which sees her get to know every horse’s individual personality, was amazing to witness. Never have I seen a happier string of horses and it’s easy to see why many owners choose Ruth as their primary outlet for training.

Following the insightful and eye-opening trip to Ruth’s yard, we then returned to our hotel, changed into a slightly smarter ensemble and headed to York race course for the first day of the Ebor Festival, regarded as the Ascot of the North!

A day out at the races is always superb fun, and this one was no different. A real highlight was getting the opportunity to visit the starting blocks, alongside those who owned or part-owned one of the runners, where you get a real feel for the power and speed of the horses. Following a horse that you’ve put money on is one thing but it did make me think how nice it would be to support a horse you were even more closely affiliated with; one that you owned. 

How to get involved with Race Horse Ownership

Great British Racing, which is the promotional arm of British horse racing, have launched, which helps to make the process of ownership a whole lot easier. It must be said there aren’t many more dapper experiences than a day out at the races, especially when you’re off to go and watch your own race horse…

Yet, that’s the problem, many view this as an unattainable goal. However, through the help of InthePaddock, you can buy shares in a race horse for as little as £100!

The site is a brilliant guide into the world of racehorse ownership, providing step by step guides and all the key information required to make a rational decision on where to start. What’s more, the site offers chappers the chance to search and compare shared racehorse ownership organisations based in the UK.

“Being part of a syndicate or racing club is a brilliant way for race fans to take their love of the sport to the next level. However, some of the barriers to becoming involved in the past have included a lack of information of those first steps and the misconception that ownership is only the domain of the super wealthy.”

  • Rod Street – CEO – Great British Racing

By getting involved in a syndicate or racing club, you’re not only investing in a horse but joining a community where you can experience wonderful days similar to the fun I had in York! I would definitely recommend it, whether it’s for yourself or for a loved one, as it adds a personal touch to a fantastic day out.