Half Hitch Gin Distillery

By Michelle Connolly Monday 19th Mar, 2018

Half Hitch Gin Distillery,
53 Camden Lock Place,
Camden Town, London NW1

Camden is full of little treasures, and the Half Hitch Gin Company is definitely one of the better finds to stumble across. Nested in off the main thoroughfare, the delightful little space is cosy and welcoming, the huge copper still emanating a genuine warmth. This most certainly is where the magic happens.

Half Hitch was named for the knot and inspired by Camden’s rich trade history, sitting on the canal the boats bringing goods from all over descended and here is where we find the inspiration of the flavours within. Malawian black tea, notes of Calabrian bergamot, and aromatic Earl Grey create a blend of botanicals that are the true essence of this beautiful sipping gin.

Rather than a single process, three individual distills are utilised in the creation of Half Hitch in order to best process all it’s delicious and bold flavours. The traditional copper pot works the botanicals, modern vacuum-distillation for the hay to ensure the flavours are preserved and the more delicate botanicals are extracted and tinctured by hand, all in all a complex process you can truly appreciate when enjoying. The notes that come out when tasting are firstly an aromatic citrus followed by spicy cracked pepper and traditional juniper berry. Deeper flavours of orange, cinnamon, nutmeg and the carefully crafted black teas finish the serve, absolutely beautiful. Enjoy it in a classic G&T, of course, with a twist of orange, or explore your own cocktails…

Wonderfully, as well as crafting their own fantastic gin they allow people to come and actually create their own personal blend. So you can go home with a completely unique concoction that’s entirely yours. While it is definitely fun to go wild with this, the guys are completely happy to help guide you through flavour profiles and suggest complementary nuances that can really make your gin pop.

One of the most unique things about Half Hitch Gin Company is that you can distill flavours from almost anything at all. Really, they mean anything! One of their more memorable concoctions was actually made from Percy Pigs, would you believe? This magical method involves some pretty high-tech scientific equipment that separates the flavour particles and distills them into an intense liquid. This is then blended with their signature gin to impart the flavour notes. Even though it’s an amazing scientific process, it’s also hugely enjoyable to see your flavours begin to separate and slowly drip through after condensing.

It’s difficult to describe the satisfaction that comes with making something all of your own, and of course the chatty and friendly process where you learn both about the general heritage of gin and the local legacy in Camden, now resurrected through Half Hitch.

The gin school is open Monday to Friday from 11am to 5pm, so if you’re looking for a fun and interactive way to spend a few hours and come away with something that is uniquely yours, this is the perfect idea. Book your tickets here – https://www.designmynight.com/london/whats-on/food-drink/gin-school-bespoke-gin-making