Mac and Wild

By Adam Monday 4th Jul, 2016

Mac & Wild, 65 Great Titchfield St, London, W1W 7PS

When we heard about a Scottish restaurant opening on Great Titchfield street, we had visions of a very cliché themed restaurant and thought this might be a place to avoid. Oh how wrong we were. Instead, we found Mac & Wild, a venue that has been voted one of the top placed to eat wild game in London and is a real taste of the highlands.

They serve only the finest venison, game and seafood directly from the Scottish Highlands with most of the meat coming from co-owner Andy Waugh’s father’s estate. Here’s Andy slicing some up below…


If you are a Whiskey fan then menus do not come much better than this. Every item is paired with a whiskey, which we feel makes it completely acceptable to have Whiskey with as many courses as you like. The menu is also very manageable with only a handful of options per course.

We started off proceedings with the Venison Scotch egg from the wee plates section, and our table was unanimous that it was the best Scotch egg we had eaten and swiftly ordered 2 more!

The Venison Tartare as a starter comes highly recommended by us. Check out Dapper Chapper’s Instagram page for the ultimate in ‘Yolk Porn’.

As for the main event, well how could we visit Mac and wild without trying what was voted ‘London’s Best Burger 2016’, the Veni- Moo. A venison patty and a beef patty served in a brioche bun with cheese, béarnaise and caramelised onions. The Dapper Chapper verdict, two thumbs up to the Veni-moo, its title is absolutely justified and the paired Whiskey Bruichladdich Port Charlotte compliments it perfectly. For those with a smaller appetite, the Skinny Veni is a great option consisting of 2 venison patties, béarnaise sauce, caramelised onions.

All of this was made even better with a side of Haggis Mac ‘n’ cheese which was so indulgent and utterly delicious

As for pudding, if you are looking for battered mars bars then you will be disappointed bu they do deliver with an Iron Bru Ice Lolly.

We could resist the Scottish cheese which was a perfect end to our meal. With its rustic décor and abundance of candles, Mac and Wild has a fantastic ambiance and the service you received cannot be faulted.

We would go as far as to say that Mac and Wild is one of our favourite places we have visited in 2016 and are looking for any excuse to visit again soon.