The Cocktail Trading Company Brick Lane

By Michelle Connolly Thursday 24th Mar, 2016

68 Bethnal Green Road

E1 6GQ

In a brand new location just off Brick Lane, The Cocktail Trading Company has opened it’s doors. Mysterious, enigmatic and intoxicating, the latest premises has all the elements you want in a decadent cocktail lounge

One of the more unusual aspects of the bar is that we found it almost impossible to find a cocktail we didn’t immediately like – each drink on the menu was well considered and meticulously crafted, featuring little touches that really set the place apart. Interestingly, wherever chocolate is used in a drink – of which you will find a few examples, such as the Handy Nightcap and Apairoteef (which actually contained a set of false teeth moulded from aforementioned chocolate) – the sweet treat had in fact been tempered and flavoured by hand. Impressive. Interesting use of props and complementary garnishes seemed to be a mainstay here, the A Bag O’Chips had actual salt and vinegar chip-style crisps, while the Neapolitan Disaster was graced with a vanilla wafer. Unusual to say the least.
Definitely full to the brim with personality, the drinks menu has a delightful set of puns flying around, including Instaspam (a nutty Apple Brandy based, very instagrammable cocktail served in a can of Spam) and the Eggsperimental Cocktail Cup (comprising of Blood Orange, Brandy, sparkling wine and yes, a real eggshell). However as wacky as the drinks could be, as I mentioned they were each undeniably delicious and worth going for the more outlandish for fun.
Absolutely the ideal spot for a date, if the curious interiors don’t spark off conversation then the deliciously weird and wonderful cocktails won’t let you down. Each of the drinks has a beautifully drawn illustration to match, along with a description on the menu so there’s no shocks when it arrives at the table – bar the impressed gasp you’ll let out, no doubt.
Service was knowledgeable, friendly and fun. Everyone knows their stuff and are more than happy to suggest recommendations, favourites and the like. The dimly lit interior was intimate and cozy, with a comfortable feel that relaxed everyone very quickly. We were really impressed with everything, and already have plans to head back soon.
What’s more, you’re just around the corner from the best 24-hour bagel spot in town if you fancy a snack on the way home. Perfect!