The Shrub & Shutter Brixton

By Adam Monday 21st Sep, 2015

Before I review a venue I tend to do a certain level of due-diligence to ensure it’s appropriate for our audience and therefore most of our reviews come out pretty positive. This one, I had no idea about, it was a word-of-mouth recommendation from our beard blogger and his rather lovely wife telling us that we simply had to try it out.

So naturally we were excited to check out if Brixton’s latest offering The Shrub and Shutter lived up to its hype.

It would be very easy to miss The Shrub and Shutter with its unassuming façade, but do not let that put you off as it is hiding a quirky interior and an experimental menu that’s not to be missed.

The first thing that anyone visiting this place should do is check out the vast cocktail menu. The cocktails are unique and playful without being at all gimmicky which is down to the fact that they are expertly made and absolutely delicious.

Our highlights included, the refreshing Thai Beef Salad which came with a perfectly cooked piece of seared beef. Sazerac to the future part.2 which has its very own spectacular table accompaniment. Also the Crocodile Dundee which comes with none other than a piece of cured crocodile!

It really injects some fun into your evening and creates a great atmosphere. All we wanted to do was keep trying more.

There are also plenty of delicious cocktails for the less adventurous amongst you such as the pistachio cupcake which comes with a piece of pistachio cake rather than something weird and wonderful!

It is not just the cocktails that take centre stage at Shrub and Shutter, the menu is also innovative and every dish we tried was perfectly cooked and incredibly tasty. It is truly impressive how they can provide such well-presented delights in such a small kitchen!

It has such an intimate and personal feel at Shrub & Shutter, the staff are friendly and the service is attentive. Both the cocktail and the food menu change on a regular basis, so there is always a good excuse to go back.

This really is a hidden gem of a bar, so much so that in truth we were almost reluctant to post this review as we would quite like to keep this particular gem for ourselves. It’s the kind of place you can’t wait to tell your friends about.

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