By Joe Burns Friday 13th Oct, 2017

Venchi, 18, Henrietta St, London WC2E 8RB

A couple of weeks ago Adam and I were invited to sample the chocolate and gelato on offer at Venchi, Covent Garden.

I’m sure you’ll understand it was a struggle to pluck up the motivation to eat lots of handmade luxury chocolate!

In a somewhat amateur move, we arrived after lunch and were greeted by a fantastic looking artisan shop, busy with lots of regulars and newcomers alike. On the ground level is the main shop and gelato bar with specials on the menu and an incredible sweet aroma of the good stuff.

Downstairs is a haven of chocolate, wall to wall with different choices of brightly coloured wrapped up pieces, with a huge glass covered table of yet more chocolate to ogle. Finally, at one end you can even see a chocolatier looking far too happy to be working on their latest creations.

It’s fair to say that we got through a good amount of chocolate in one go, one of our favourites being the Nougatine, finely chopped and caramelised hazelnuts wrapped in a layer of dark chocolate – ridiculously good!

But you can’t come here and not sample the revered Gelato too. We chose the chocolate, pistachio, and Nougatine special, and well, wow, they were all incredible. There are no preservatives used in their products so this stuff melts quickly. What a pity we had to eat it fast!

The next time you’re in Covent Garden you may notice people walking around spooning out beautiful looking gelato from little white pots or cones. Chances are they’ve been to Venchi, so go ahead, treat yourself and ask for directions!