Embroidered T-shirts for a Dapper Chapper

By Adam Tuesday 23rd Mar, 2021

Our second blog this month on Percival Menswear looks at their creative embroidered t-shirts.

The T’s are embroidered in the UK on 100% cotton and there are various themes in the collection, from paying homage to the big screen to the teams clear love for Japanese culture. Some are pretty crazy but we’re confident that you’ll find a design that will hit a cord with your personal passions.

The embroideries sit subtly and effortlessly on the garments. As well as the T-shirts, Percival print on hoodies, sweaters and joggers. Here’s what they look like with the clothing in full size, just enough to see the detail without trying too hard:

Clearly they’ve got a creative team behind these, what I liked is how the embroideries are able to capture things that are currently going on everyday for us. In particular, I really like the designs that offer a gentle nod to working from home, by showcasing things from the home-brewed coffee to a gentleman’s home office (see below).

The T’s start from £39 and you can view the full collection here.