Beara Beara Bags

By Adam Monday 4th Jan, 2016

I came across this brand at the #DetailsofaGentleman event a few months back and instantly fell in love after noticing them tucked away in the corner.

The bags they had out on show were so unique and appropriate for a Dapper Chapper that I wanted to know more. Usually the first hurdle you need to get over when you’ve fallen in love with a bag is the price. When I enquired, the response was between £150 and £350. Looking at the product, I was genuinely expecting a response of between £500-£1,000. Here’s some shots we took of the bag:

It can’t look that good and be real leather for that price, I hear you cry. Well, it is and here’s how.

The story of the brand starts with a journey through Latin America. Founder of the brand Jake Bullough was living in Bolivia as a travel writer, documenting people’s lives whom he encountered. There he met a family have been making and selling leather bags from a tiny shop in the back streets of La Paz, the capital of Bolivia,  for many years. Intrigued by the combination of incredible craftsmanship and quality materials, they began collaborating, turning Jake’s designs into a collection of never seen before handbags.

beara story

With Bolivia being such an isolated country, Jake’s idea was to provide the struggling business and subsequent others, with a substantial amount of work with which would bring in much needed finances and eventually improve their standards of living. They now provide full or part time employment to over forty people. You can read more about the other great things they do in the community here.

The range is a mix of beautiful raw materials, excellent craftsmanship and a classic vintage style. The bags will make you stand out in the crowd and because of the qualities materials used in the production phase it’ll come with a long shelf life.

Jake comments that his hope is “everyone who purchases a Beara Beara appreciates the skill, determination, respect and love that goes into making each individual bag. Our products are not only unique but extremely durable made from raw cows hide we source from the lowland areas in Bolivia. We respect the desire to buy a hi-fashion brand but are pleased to see that there are still plenty of people who appreciate quality and take pride in creating their own individual style.”

A lovely story indeed but the story was told after I saw the product, which I still believe rubs shoulders comfortably with its hi-fashion competitors and for a better price.

Here are my five favourite pieces from the current men’s collection:

Jack The Gladstone £350 – My Bag for LC:M 2016

El Dorado Satchel £210

Stefano Backpack 175

Peter Satchel £210


Charles £135

They’ve recently opened a store in London16-18 Whidborne St – London – WC1H 8EU or you can visit them online at Beara Beara