The Chapar: Online Personal Styling for Men

By Adam Wednesday 29th Nov, 2017

Over the last 18 months we’ve been sent a link to The Chapar scores of times, with members of our community stating to us that ‘you should review these guys’.

Mild similarities in the name aside, they were all right, we should have indeed reviewed this service by now because it supports exactly what we are about.

The Chapar, is a premium personal styling service for men. It’s an online model that aims to eliminate the hassle of shopping for the modern male by doing it for them.

The first step is to register online at which only takes a few minutes and includes picking your favourite ‘looks’ from mood boards to give them an indication of things you like. Following this, you will receive a call from your newly appointed personal stylist who will chat to you about your budget, your tastes, your style at the moment and potentially how you want that to evolve.

This is where the service has huge value for me. I know that for a lot of gents picking items they like isn’t necessarily a problem, but building outfits that work well together starts to get a little above their pay grade. With this service effectively you’re getting free access to a personal stylists who does this for you and what you receive are interchangeable items that can be pieced together to build multiple outfits thus making the service pretty cost-efficient.

I went through the full consumer process and I’m not even sure our stylist new I was a lifestyle blogger, so I can honestly say I was hugely impressed with the guidance I was given.

The next step is you arrange a time to receive your trunk of clothes. This will include selections from your stylist.

Once you’ve tried things on, in the comfort of your own home, you then of course only pay for what you want to keep and arrange for the trunk and the remaining items to be collected.

I was impressed with my trunk because the stylist clearly listened to what I liked but was brave enough with a few items to guide me in a new direction.

12 items were sent and eight hit the mark which is a pretty good return. One of the items failed on sizing, which you can feedback and have a new size sent over.

My box included the likes of Hackett, Ted Baker, Eden Park, Whistles, Scotch & Soda and Baldessarini. Here are some of the looks we built:

Charcoal Winter Funnel Neck Jumper by Ted Baker with Scotch & Soda Skim Jeans in Jet Set Blue:

Grey Silk Long Sleeve Polo Shirt with Piquet Jersey DF Blazer both by Hackett. Eden Park Trenchcoat with Scotch & Soda Skim Jeans in Jet Set Blue. Crafti Smart Reversible Leather Belt in Tan by Ted Baker.

Halcyon Leather Lace Sneakers by John White. Haven’t actually come across John White before but these are really nice:

Charcoal Winter Funnel Neck Jumper by Ted Baker, Piquet Jersey DF Blazer by Hackett with Scotch & Soda Skim Jeans in Jet Set Blue.

The prices are the same on the high-street but you have access to a personal stylist without the hassle of going shopping. There’s also no delivery costs or commitment.

Additional promotions are also likely to turn up in your trunk. Ours had a Haig Club miniature and a free one-month subscription to Beer 52.

The service works well if you approach buying clothes seasonally and think ‘I need a few outfits for winter’ and set aside a few hundred pound. Save heading to the shops and try this service first.

To summarise, The Chapar is for gents that are either time poor or know what kind of way they want to dress but need a bit of guidance. As there are no real mark-ups there’s not really much to lose in trying the service & anything that works to give gentleman more confidence with their personal styling gets a thumbs up from us.

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