Tigi – Bedhead Products Review

By Alex Noble Wednesday 24th Oct, 2018

There was a time when most, if not all gents, donned a similar haircut, no matter their hair type, colour or face shape. A relatively short comb over was the norm.

Yet, over a period of time, external influences such as the military, new attitudes towards styling and adventurous celebrities and stylists alike have come into play and challenged traditional styles. Overnight, it was no longer odd for men to want to grow out their hair, even shaving the sides and maintaining the length on top to create an undercut.

There is many a chapter who wants to take the leap into new style but lacks the know how…

Although hair type definitely comes into play with some styles, products can really assist you in achieving the look you want, and this Tigi multipack could be your new best friend if you fall into the above category.

What’s more, if you’re seeking thicker and fuller looking locks, the bedhead products provide the answer…Kind of.

Style Building Shampoo

‘The Styling starts in the shower.’ It’s a phrase that’s common with many different hair brands these days but we must admit, Tigi’s shampoo is pretty accomplished in delivering the results it promises. It provides initial texture and control, and delivers the ideal platform on which to produce a fulfilling hairstyle.

Body Building Styling Foam

This foam is designed like a mousse to provide fuller body in men’s hair for up to 24 hours. Our man Alex gave this one a try and, although there was some initial volume to play with, given the help of a hair dryer, the promised long-lasting effects were rather non-existent. It acted as a good aid in styling, yet the fullness and body was rather found wanting.

Thick Up Grooming Cream

Contrastingly, Alex hailed this product as a must-have for men with mid to long hair, as it offers a fantastic textured finish that has enough hold to withstand the elements, yet enough give to re-style, should there be any middle-of-the-day flop. What’s more, this is a very lightweight product, so although it adds volume, it does so without the heavy feeling of some waxes and clays.