By Adam Wednesday 14th Dec, 2022

We know how getting hold of good footwear can be an expensive job, but for us it’s a necessity.

Recently brought to our attention is a new premium sneaker brand that is not only made from the very best materials, but also boasts changeable heel elements to help lengthen the lifespan of the product. Meet VYN, the brainchild of two Swiss designer friends, Catherine Meuter and Stefan Mathys, who have come together to present their own take on the very best in sustainable footwear.

Constructed from premium European materials, the sneaker uniquely features four bespoke replacement heel-sets to help re-engineer, re-imagine and renew your favourite shoe. Fusing independent style and versatility with structural design excellence, VYN is the first brand that devotes itself to the ENTIRE lifecycle of the shoe, with a vision to also regain the materials used at the end of life.

Built on a wealth of design experience, the founders have previously worked with brands including Giorgio Armani, Reiss, Kurt Geiger, Harry’s of London and Swims, with VYN committed to its evolving community, producing premium sneakers that follow a 360 lifecycle model based on refresh, renew and where us, the customers are always front of mind.

The brand challenges and aims to become the antithesis of today’s ’sustainable’ offerings through the mindset that well-made and well-structured sneakers, partnered with unique interchangeable elements, prove far more beneficial to the ‘buy better buy less’ ethos with a clear focus on longevity and renewing.

“Shoes are the only real product that adapt to the individual wearer,” says co-founder and designer Meuter. “They become moulded and bespoke to the individual the more they are worn. Therefore, the importance of enjoying and extending the life-span of your favourite sneakers is now a reality with VYN.”

“This is not just a labour of love, we are very serious about VYN,” adds Mathys “We are experienced people from the industry and want to rip-up the rule book and create our very own version around changing the footwear industry for the better with VYN leading the pack.”

We’re in!

Priced at £365. Visit www.vyn.one