The Grenson Sadler

By Adam Tuesday 22nd Feb, 2022

For us and many others, Grenson is a mark of true quality and premium standard when it comes to footwear. Long-lasting, stylish and adaptable for all matter of occasions, the Northampton shoemaker embraces a true heritage of craftsmanship and excellence.

In a recent conversation we were drawn to a new model coming from the Grenson stable and one that really made us take notice as it it embraced a more casual, relaxed aesthetic – a removal from designs that we have perhaps come to expect from the brand, but by no means a negative.
The Sadler carries a boat shoe design in an almost distressed suede boot, giving that appearance of having been worn, but keeping a structure and form that Grenson do so well. What we like about the boot is that it has flexibility in wearable options – think denim, cotton chinos, cords or tailored pants.
On the surface, the Sadler is perhaps more befitting a Spring/Summer vibe, bit there’s absolutely no reason, with the right care, that suede and this particular model cannot be worn in more testing conditions. Indeed, one of our team wore them to the recent trade shows in Copenhagen – wind, rain and still looking amazing afterwards.
Made from a new eco suede, which is made using 50% less water compared to a normal suede, Sadler is available in a cigar shade on a natural crepe sole made with stitch down construction like a classic desert boot, making it both a comfortable and flexible option for men and a must-have.
For further information visit Priced £305.