Introducing Arcminute

By Adam Friday 16th Mar, 2018

Finding emerging fashion brands is a part of the job we love here at The Dapper Chapper. As ever, with our ears and noses to the ground, we have unearthed another ‘one-to-watch’ in the form of exciting new urban streetwear brand ArcMinute.

Before we wax lyrical, Arcminute is fine angular measurement. Angular elements, clean lines and distinctive shapes are all reflected in the design aesthetic of this new brand, hence the apt name! Quick tutorial…done.

As is often the case with new start-up brands, there is an innocent oversight for what is expected or waiting around the corner, but these guys are already showcasing a slick savviness that will no doubt pay dividends as they progress, surrounding themselves with established industry heads to help drive the brand forward which includes Senior Creative and man-about-town Quinton Faulkner.

Of course, a huge part of that offer is a product range that takes two fists and captures independent style in one hand and absolute quality in the other.

Founded by young designer Alex Cipriani, who has been working tirelessly in and around the business while studying Fashion Business at Instituto Marangoni, Arcminute combines influence from Ghana, were Alex grew up, with the style-centric, music inspired London street scene – the result for their launch collection is a range that captures true individualism and a new-wave of Ath-leisure inspired style.

Presenting a clear and organic accessibility, the launch collection, which is set to land in May this year, purposely incorporates a deliberate versatility in the use of the Arcminute logo, at the same time maximising precision and comfort for the wearer across a beautifully compact and consistent range including Vests, T-shirts, statement logo crewnecks and hoodies, tracksuit bottoms as well as Nylon/Poly blend jumpsuit.

Visit: Arcminute