Jack Wills Bloomsbury Suit

By Adam Tuesday 20th Sep, 2016

This Autumn we’ve teamed up with British lifestyle brand Jack Wills to help them on their quest to re-launch into the world of tailoring. Synonymous with students, Jack Wills is fast becoming one of the biggest names on the high street but establishing itself as a brand that is a destination for decent tailoring is its next challenge.

Firstly, it’s worth saying that the suits aren’t intended to take on Savile Row, but instead offer a high-quality and affordable option with a suit costing under £350. The suits do that well and the new collection does present Dapper Chapper’s a different Autumn / Winter option.

Here’s how we styled the Bloomsbury Flannel Suit:

Perhaps not what you were expecting huh?

So what’s the Bloomsbury suit all about? Well, the inspiration for the collection comes from the British intellectual collective (yes I’ve dropped in a wiki link) because Jack Wills have replicated the collective’s considered approach to produce its own range.

It is quality for the price point and that’s because the Bloomsbury Suit has 200 stages in production. A collaboration with Abraham Moon & Sons in West Yorkshire, England, helped Jack Wills develop two bespoke suit fabrics – the Donegal tweed and the more traditional wool flannel, the latter you can see in our shoot.

The jacket has a half-canvas construction or a layer of canvas that ‘floats’ between the outer layer and lining helping to maintain its sharp silhouette and moulding to your shape the more you wear it.

Other key features include hand-stitched buttons and linings, a high cut armhole for a sharp, modern silhouette and two button front with notch lapels that helps to create a more formal look.

Dapper Snapper was Rashpal Amrit. Links to products in the shoot: