Dashing Tweeds LCM AW16 Collection

By Alex Noble Saturday 16th Jan, 2016

Dashing Tweeds are built on the foundations of a somewhat revolutionised approach to men’s tailoring.  Their man focus is on colour and texture, as well as bringing a contemporary and urban element to the traditional gentleman’s apparel.

With Dashing Tweeds, functionality is key. Their weave based menswear is the lynchpin for their investigation into the requirements of modern day life – they seek to answer this conundrum…and we think their solution is pretty on the money old boy.

Their AW16 collection advocates a classic British style with a twist – that twist being chic bright colouring combined with leather trim as seen on this green coat. When the long summer nights draw to a close and the autumnal colours begin to dominate, their vibrant tailoring may assist you in prolonging the winter chill.

Their textiles boast sophistication and promote a contemporary edge to battle with the ever changing climate of a dapper chaps multifarious lifestyle.

A Dapper Chapper favourite was their Ben Laws suit that featured a magnificent double breasted jacket. Its colours radiated elegance and sophistication. A refined and bespoke piece that presented a refreshing outlook on British tailoring.


So Old Chap, if you’re a traditionalist who likes his suits in neutral colours, take a step into the unknown, and perhaps the future, with Dashing Tweeds. With them it’s all about adaptability and individuality!