No Limits for rockstar fashion brand

By Adam Friday 10th Aug, 2018

We meet a lot of people in this job and a lot of new brands, but this one has been one of those that has genuinely got us a little over excited.

Limitato is a new label from the trusted, fashion-forward shores of Sweden and a fusion between fashion, music and art – which sounds a bit haphazard and to a certain extent it is…but in a good way!

Founded by two childhood friends who dropped out of university to follow their dream, Limitato is fundamentally a T-shirt brand that has already branched out to hoodies, sweatshirts and track pants, but that’s not the draw.

Working with world-renowned photographers, established and emerging artists and icons, each product carries an image that feeds the Limitato psyche – cutting edge.

The quality is out of this world too!

From collaborations with photographer Terry O’Neill and his poignant images from a musical yesteryear through to the stunning work of artist Craig Alan, Limitato is in a prime position to constantly evolve – and boy has it.

Already commanding attention at menswear week in New York as well as hitting the UK with a Harrods pop-up in November this year, Limitato is set to sky-rocket, so we wanted to get in their early.

Check them out and watch this space for an upcoming interview with founders Gustav Peterson and Emrik Olausson.

Prices start at £135-£150 for T-shirts and £250-£315 for hoodies.