Nordic Outdoor

By Adam Friday 12th Nov, 2021

The realisation during the pandemic that the outdoors is right on most of our doorsteps has led to many of us, including the team here at Dapper Chapper, to get out there and enjoy it.

To do that in some semblance of style is also, obviously of interest. The increase in awareness around outerwear and the good quality brands that exist, but that we formerly might not have heard of has led to the spotlight shining on industry leaders and authorities.

Nordic Outdoor is one of the. Founded in 2005 by Swede Caspar Odqvist, who had previously been introducing outdoor Scandinavian brands to the UK market including the ever-popular Fjallraven, the business is a specialist in the provision of the very best in quality gear needed for enjoying and making the most of the elements. Now, with the emergence of a new market of people, keen to escape and maintain a new found interest, the Nordic Outdoor team is keen, as ever to welcome all-comers with open arms.

“The exploration of social media and mainstream fashion’s desire to tackle outdoor had definitely helped changed the perception of what ‘Outdoor’ means,” says head of marketing Andrew Ainslie “people are desperate for new experiences and want to do that in a way that mirrors their everyday style.”

With an aim to do the outdoors the Scandinavian way, with style and minimalism at its heart, Nordic Outdoor from the outset wanted to push the ideology of buying better and buying less and the theory that outdoors clothing can be worn as easily in the city as it can out in the mountains or countryside – a subject that has seen a real positive shift in recent years.

A brand that is proud to be the calling point for the outdoor enthusiast, Nordic Outdoor is also welcoming the new ‘aficionados’. With sustainability and quality leading the agenda of topical conversations as well as style. These ’newbies’ riding a crest of a wave are primed already to understand the culture and DNA of the Nordic Outdoor brand.

 “I would say the younger customers have a different attitude to why they buy and its not necessarily about functionality,” says Odqvist. “As we introduce higher end product we believe we can be part of the schooling of this new audience.”

Nordic Outdoor is also particularly keen to dispel the notion that good kit is only for the purists, “If you want to purchase something that’s expensive because of its functionality credentials but happens to also look incredible then that’s great,” adds Ainslie. 

Cemented in their make-up is the premise that any customer, whatever their level of outdoor knowledge should be able to trust the Nordic Outdoor brand and its people top steer them own the right direction and if that means dispelling a few preconceptions, then that’s ok too;  “Customers should feel as though they have learned to look at outdoor clothes and equipment in a different light,” says Odqvist. “It may not be as important to have something waterproof, if this will make them ‘sweat like a pig’, wool doesn’t have to be itchy either and plastic can be a good idea environmentally,” he adds.

 The main thing we want Nordic Outdoor to be is accessible and to some degree jargon free,” confirms Ainslie “Outdoor is for everyone no matter what your motivation is for doing it, and that’s an idea we want to champion.”

Championing brands including Amundsen, Aclima, Klattermusen, Snow Peak, Tentipi and Fjallraven, Nordic Outdoor can be found at