Richard Anderson Ventile Raincoat

By Adam Thursday 25th Oct, 2018

We’re now firmly fixed in autumn and loving the delightful autumnal weather we’re experiencing. However, our advice to you is enjoy it while it lasts. It’s time think ahead and turn your attention to arming yourself with a raincoat for when the weather deteriorates; because it will. 

One brand I’ve always admired from afar is Richard Anderson of Savile Row. More recently the admiration has enhanced as I’ve had my eye on their Ventile Raincoat’s. 

The Ventile raincoat takes influence from the 1930’s and is a versatile piece of kit, seamlessly transitioning between day-to-day and formal wear.

 Features include a fly front with vertical welted pockets, wrist wraps and a tab and button on collar. Inside detailing includes the chain hanger with two vertical inside pockets complete with zips.

If you’re wondering why it’s called a ‘Ventile Raincoat’, the name actually comes from the fabric used to construct the coat. Created in the 1930’s, Ventile was staple fabric supplied to the Royal Air Forces. It was a revelation in its time as it protected pilots from immediate soaking and was thought to extend life expectancy by up to 20 minutes! Subsequently, the fabric is still used for RAF and NATO flight suits today.

Now in 2018 and with a nod to traditions, the coat has made a comeback and gets a firm thumbs up from us.

The raincoat is available in two colourways; Navy and Antique Bronze. 

£975 at Richard Anderson.