Theodore Herald Style

By Adam Friday 20th Aug, 2021
At Dapper Chapper we have long supported a more considered way of dressing, where men feel at ease with what they are wearing without the need to be overly masculine or the loudest in the room – Soft Power, they call it!
A recent introduction to new luxury menswear brand Theodore Herald, helped cement and, in a sense re-ignite our passion for this new-wave movement, where we can all enjoy an evolved representation of what it means to be a ‘gentle man’.
Drawing on an established Peruvian heritage and a designed in Italy stamp of authority, Theodore Herald carries a focus on soft tailoring as well as premium Peruvian materials and knitwear including Royal Alpaca and Pima Cotton. This is modern attire that is effortlessly elegant, enjoyable to wear yet decidedly unpretentious – out with the stiff and stuffy, and in with soft tailoring and understated style.

Starting with soft, high quality tops and shirts, and slowly extending to offer the full range of contemporary menswear, Theodore Herald makes it possible to buy better but buy less as wearers embrace their inner ‘gent’ and start to reconstruct the old wardrobe. These clothes speak to the man who wants to stand out “quietly” with subtleties and finer detailing.

 “I wanted to develop a knitwear line that would also be comfortable to wear in both physical and emotional sense,” says founder Ivo Zuazo. “Theodore Herald has been created to represent a new type of masculinity through simple, yet impactful craftsmanship.”
“Every garment has a specific detail, for example, in our permanent collection we display more prominently our iconic “Quipu” hand stitch in Baby Alpaca 3-ply. Today, there is no such thing as one size fits all; no universal standard of masculinity. Our collections are proudly Peruvian, designed to stand the test of time as well as being sustainably sourced, incorporating recyclable materials as well as processes.”
We are signed and sealed fans already and definitely feel that Theodore Herald is well worth a look. Visit