Wes Anderson’s dress style inspiration

By Adam Thursday 29th Feb, 2024

Wes Anderson’s dress style is as distinctive as his filmmaking and cinematic style. Known for tonal colours from head-to-toe, vintage-inspired silhouettes and cuts, well-tailored suits, corduroy and derby shoes. A mix of vintage and contemporary elements, creating a timeless and idiosyncratic look.

His practical yet eccentric and well-considered style seems to mirrors this. He’s created his own ecosystem of actors in a self-contained community. The same actors showing up in new films, mind-blowing performances, and incredible wardrobe, almost living in their own funhouse version of the world. A more fun, more colourful, and more playful version of reality, as also demonstrated by Anderson’s personal wardrobe…

Arne and Seasalt Cornwall emerges as a beacon of elegance and whimsy, drawing inspiration from iconic visual universe of Wes Anderson for this winter which includes jackets, formal fitting trousers, use of brown and navy tones.