The Dapper Chapper in 2019

By Adam Saturday 26th Jan, 2019

January is a time to regroup after the year that has passed, reflect on everything that has happened and refocus for the year ahead.

We’ve done exactly that and have decided that this year we’re going to have to change the way we operate online a little. For the last three years, we’ve pretty much posted every day on the site and a huge amount has gone into that but this year will be a little different for us…

The team, including myself, are currently stuck into numerous exciting personal projects which are likely to dominate more of our time this year and will therefore undoubtably have a knock-on effect on how much content we can get out each week.

With that in mind, we’re going to have a bit of a social sabbatical and also reduce the long-form content on the site to one or two posts a week as opposed to everyday.

Despite our sabbatical it is worth keeping in touch as the team will still be keen to get to events whenever possible and there will be some posts going up on the site. In addition, I’ll still be freelancing and writing for the usual publications in order to keep my ear to the ground with things, so do keep in touch!

Whatever you’re hoping to achieve this year we hope you have a happy and successful 2019!

Adam & Team DC