Acqua Di Parma Colonia Ambra

By Adam Tuesday 5th May, 2015

As part of the of the intriguing Colonia journey Acqua di Parma have released Colonia Ambra.

Drawing from their inspiration of Italian Craftsmanship, Acqua di Parma know how to produce products designed for a Dapper Chapper. We spoke highly of Colonia Leather and Ambra continues the trend, oozing with style, class, Italian tradition, quality and masculine glamour.

The fragrance is eccentric with bold notes which are led by a blend of deep woody and citrus notes. Skilfully combined is the main ingredient of the fragrance – the ambergis. A rare and precious ingredient whose intense sensual notes, enhanced by sandalwood and warmed up by soft vanilla accents, unveil the personality of this fragrance.


Presented in the charming and iconic Art Deco, Acqua di Parma cleverly engage your senses with look and touch before you’ve even opened the bottle. The tobacco notes of the extra-pure glass bottle and cap are brightened by the bronze hues on the label. Tobacco hues and a minimal design also characterise the case, hand-coated with precious paper, exuding the finest Italian craftsmanship.

Taken from the press release “for a man who is passionate about travel and the exploration of culture, Tied to the past yet projected into modern times. A pleasant new entry that speaks to his sophisticated taste. His elegance is far from stereotypical”. – Sounds like a Dapper Chapper to us.

Colonia Ambra is offered in 2 sizes – the  100ml bottle and the 180ml version.