Colonia Sandalo by Acqua Di Parma Review

By Alex Noble Sunday 25th Nov, 2018

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, so it’s time to really start thinking about ideal gift and if you’re a little stuck, why not be adventurous and test out a new fragrance? 

When it comes to the finishing touches of any great look, the cherry on top moment is often provided by a scent. Get it right and you give yourself a distinctive aroma that attracts attention, instead of demanding it. You’re looking for something that is subtly bold, which pricks the senses, sparking intrigue from the ladies, and jealousy from fellow chappers.

A fragrance that achieves all of the above is Colonia Sandalo by Acqua Di Parma.

Colonia Sandalo possesses a refined combination of citrus top notes and rich, enveloping creamy heart notes. The wonderful marriage of the Indian Sandalwood coupled with the citrus notes of Colonia gives the fragrance great character and body, ensuring an impression is made for all the right reasons.

A aforementioned, a fragrance is usually seen as a finishing touch when innovating a winning outfit combination, yet such is the prowess of Sandalo, I believe it deserves an outfit to be created around it. Said outfit should be a bold ensemble that screams sophisticated style, with just a hint of rebellion. That my dear fellows, is how I’d suggest you dress up Colonia Sandalo.

So, if you think you’re elegant enough to pull off this fragrance, we suggest you add this to your Christmas wish list; you won’t be disappointed.

£228 at Acqua di Parma