BIG BOY Skincare

By Rashpal Amrit Tuesday 30th Aug, 2016

BIG BOY is a Sicilian grooming brand which has just launched in the UK. Drawing inspirations from its Sicilian routes and craftsmanship, the artisan products combine rich natural ingredients like Olive and Almond Oil. This innovative line has us excited about the future of men’s skincare.

The line includes:
BIG BOY Beard Balm, 50ml, £24.95
Non-greasy and easy to apply formula contains natural Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil.
I found this product easy to apply and long lasting with a light texture.

BIG BOY Moustache Wax, 25ml, £24.95
This non-sticky treatment for moustaches can be used to style, shape and define your look. The long-lasting formula is infused with Cera Alba. I am usually not a fan of Moustache waxes, although due to the natural nature of the product; it was more than bearable. Definitely worth a try if you normally shy away from waxes.

BIG Beard Wash, 100ml, £18.95
Gentle and refreshing cleaning formula, free from sulphates, sodium and parabens. It will lightly lather on application to cleanse. I liked how the wash felt on application and the light scent is refreshing.

BIG BOY Soothing Drops, 30ml, £21.95
Lightweight emulsion enriched with Sweet Shea butter and Sweet Almond Oil with glide over skin and care for dry, rough and irritated skin. I would recommend this especially if you have a full-beard.

BIG BOY’s range of luxurious products will help to hydrate, soften and moisturise as well as restore the skin’s healthy balance. We recommend you try this new range and experience the luxurious nature of this range.

Rashpal Amrit
Twitter: Rashpal_Amrit