Bentley Infinite Rush

By Rashpal Amrit Monday 11th Apr, 2016

Luxury car brand Bentley has continued their successful Infinite line with Infinite Rush. In keeping with the high performance of Bentley motorcars, the fragrance has been created for the adventurer, always exceeding expectations and new horizons.

Infinite Rush is full of contrasts, which make for a heady fragrance. The top notes evoke a rush of adrenaline, followed by a cocktail of spices. Woody base notes conjure up Bentley’s luxurious nature. Essentially the fragrance is full of rich tones and expresses the brands depth and history.

A fragrance notes breakdown to show you the diversity:

Pink Berries, Rosemary, Mandarin

Vetiver, Cedar, Elemi

Moss, Amber Wood, White Musk
Bentleys bottle design is something to behold, the shape resembles details from some of the brands most iconic models. The bottle highlight is the premium high-tech glass with cracked effect, an innovation on a fragrance bottle.

I highly recommend this fragrance, it may not be your everyday choice but for evenings and formalwear you can’t go wrong.

Bentley Infinite Rush is available now in 50ml and 100ml.

Photography by Rashpal Amrit visit