Bullfrog Multi-Action Cream Review

By Joe Burns Monday 19th Mar, 2018

Sometimes we’re introduced to a product that isn’t exactly clear on what it’s supposed to do, or what it’s for. This time round, Bullfrog Multi-Action Cream gave us that impression, but after some basic investigation and a little testing, I’m pleased to enlighten you all. 

With so many creams, lotions and potions available these days, the tubes, tubs, bottles and pots are all quick to mention their unique cleansing qualities, or their advanced moisturising properties etc. On the Bullfrog box though, it’s quite different. Simply labelled, “Moisturizing, elasticizing protective SPF 30″ and later, ” Apply on the face and body” – I was flummoxed.

The silver tube is unapologetically classy and vague, and the cream itself is quite thick in texture, pure white, and with almost no fragrance at all. My first thought was to use this as a post-shave moisturising lotion, to really test its moisturising performance. I have to say it did indeed hydrate my skin, but I was quick to realise a little goes a long way, and it didn’t leave the matte finish I was looking for. 

Next, I decided to try it as a hand cream, a tough test given the icy cold conditions outside at present. It rubbed in well, felt great to the touch, and I was left with supple hands for a considerable amount of time. 

I then thought I’d use this as an overall face and neck moisturiser after showering. Armed with the knowledge I’d gained from my first attempt, I rubbed in a small amount which perfectly covered my face and neck. A very faint but pleasant scent was released, which in my opinion complimented the professional and premium aesthetic of the tube and box. 

Having read a little about the product online, I was reminded of the protective qualities of this cream. SPF 30 is pretty robust, yet unlike some sun creams, Bullfrog feels more gentle and suited to your face especially near the eyes. I can now definitely see this as a great moisturiser to use in the warmer months, or on holiday when you really need to protect your skin. 

If you’re looking for a do it all moisturiser that’s kind even to sensitive skin like mine, and perhaps you’re not keen on taking your entire bathroom cabinet in your luggage, then I suggest you give this a try. If you’re not totally convinced, then keep it as a spare and use however you want!

Available online at shop-beast.com for £25.