Dr Jackson’s Coconut Melt Review

By Joe Burns Friday 16th Jun, 2017

We’re all becoming familiar now with the natural benefits of coconut, but if you’ve been skeptical or simply never tried it, this is sure to convince you.

It’s rare to find such a versatile grooming product, but this 100% organic coconut oil from Dr Jackson’s is a master of multi-tasking. It melts upon touch, and can be used for all skin types and concerns.

Unlike other moisturising products like creams, balms or lotion etc, this has a very different texture and feel. It looks solid within the pot, but becomes more of a liquid when you use it, so a little goes a long way.

Use it for moisturising your lips, nourishing dry hair, or to hydrate dry skin across your face or body. These days it’s my go-to lip balm, and its small form factor means it’s also great to take out and about and use for my dry mitts too. There’s no added fragrance or ingredients here, just the pure coconut oil, so if you need to rub any excess away, give your hands some love and off you go.

Available for £12 at BEAST