Credence – Shampoo For Men

By Alex Noble Tuesday 20th Sep, 2022

TRESemmé, L’Oreal, Pantene. Three staple names in the world of shampoo and haircare, but what do they all have in common? They’re predominantly, if not entirely, made for women’s hair. 

Schwarzkopf and John Frieda could probably fall into the same boat, though I’m told they’re not as popular. 

Then we have the gender neutral Aussie, Herbal Essences and Head & Shoulders…Frankly, the less said about them the better, but at least they do try to appeal to the lids of men. 

There are many questions that cause debate when it comes to a man’s grooming routine…The focal point used to be should he have one? But now that seems to be universally accepted as yes, another key question is how often should a man shampoo? And more to the point, which product should he go for? 

As we discovered above, lots of men and women use the same shampoos for their hair with the same types of ingredients…

Credence asks a pertinent question: Why would they, when men and women do different things to their hair?

Generally speaking, men don’t: 

  • Heat
  • Bleach
  • Colour 

So, why opt for products designed to manage treatments such as the above? Interestingly, even those products made for men, are often formulated with some of the same ingredients, including sulphate detergents and heavy silicone conditioners. (I had to read up on this FYI). 

The folks at Credence have developed something different. And I’m speaking from first hand experience. 

A unique shampoo that is made by UK hair experts and tailored for the needs of men’s hair. It’s exclusively enriched with Nature Bolster™, a quality blend of renowned skin and hair ingredients with naturally derived cleansers, conditioners, organic oats, British hops and wheat protein.

That’s about as technical as I’m going to get because as with most things, I’d suggest you research before you buy. Their satisfyingly interactive website offers a great deal of background information on why they started this project, how they actioned it and what they have to offer. 

Sticking with ‘the what’, once you realise this is a product you should certainly try (as I have), let’s break down the three options. 

  • Rich: Oud, Cedarwood & Spiced Bergamot < Personal favourite – take note; this could be flipped into a shower gel its scent is that good. 
  • Fresh: Vetiver, Orange & Wild Lemon 
  • Warm: Cardamom, Jasmine & Black Vanilla 

Top tip: Head to their site, where you can learn about each distinctive, masculine scent. No excuses for not doing your homework. 

Final thing. In a world where social presence is king, and sharing bathroom styles has become a trend, their easy-on-the-eye bottle design won’t compromise your insta-worthy bathroom aesthetic.




  1. belief in or acceptance of something as true. 

The best men’s shampoo we’ve tried in a long time – This notion should rapidly gain credence amongst you chaps out there.