A Dapper Chapper & His Barber

By Adam Friday 1st Jul, 2016

We were sent research commissioned by Just for Men that revealed a number of interesting stats and facts about British chaps’ and their relationship with their barber.

It makes for some pretty interesting reading but first things first, let’s conquer exactly what we’re looking for in a Barber. #1 is trust. Apparently 63% of men trust their Barber with 81% of men actively recommending their barber to a friend.

Right then friends, let’s get too it! As our writers are based in London, Surrey, Edinburgh and Melbourne, that’s where we’ll advise on for now. We’ve done the rounds (just check our grooming section) and here’s where we’d recommend to a friend:


Ruffians, 27 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7JS – Book here


Murdock, Covent Garden, 18 Monmouth Street, London, WC2H 9HB – Book here



Ben Copeland Hair, based in Sutton contact here 

IMG_2537 (1)

The Fellowship Barbershop, based in Surbiton, Contact here



Luke Harris Hair, based in Melbourne working for Toni and Guy. Contact here



Ruffians, 23 Queensferry St, Edinburgh EH2 4QS.



So whether it’s from a recommendation or not, apparently once we find a barber we like we tend to stick with them. Over half (51%) of the chaps they spoke to have been visiting the same Barber for over 3 years and in a bid to remain loyal, 44% would travel to get to their favourite Barbers if they moved house, while 24% of men would go without a trim if their Barber was on holiday.

Personal connection is clearly important too but how much do you trust your barber? Well, apparently a lot, half of the 25-30 year olds questioned said they would share stories or secrets normally only reserved for family or close friends. In fact, a significant proportion of this age group (40%) would take their Barber’s advice over that of a friend or family member on personal matters. So, how much have you divulged with your barber?

So are after good cut and a confidant, but what do we talk about & how can the barbershop experience be improved? The three personality pillars we’re looking for is a good sense of humour (57%), good banter (41%) and to remember what we like (52%). No prizes for guessing that football (49%) is the most popular topic of conversation just ahead of the ultimate hairdresser cliché, holidays (47%) plus a healthy dose of amusing anecdotes (31%).

When it comes to improving the Barbershop experience the Just for Men’s research revealed that British men would be keen to see their Barbershop experience enhanced further with Wi-Fi (58%), sports on TV (53%) and beers (40%). Cheers to that.

Thanks to www.justformen.com for the stats – give them a follow @JustForMenUK and check out it’s Men Hair Colour Range below:

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Photo credit: Jack the Clipper visit jacktheclipper.co.uk